About us

Magda and Josep, founders of our hotel, are the fourth generation of Can Sastre, a family home located in the old town of Ciutadella, converted in 2018 into a boutique hotel.

To the family “We are proud to enter in our hotel, it has a special energy. More than a business, Can Sastre is our history”.

The story of a family that founded a pastry shop "La Sin Nombre" in 1862 and that today converts its facilities with a new project, a beautiful Boutique Hotel, familiar and with a lot of history, built with a lot of respect, affection, personality and closeness to transmit its essence to everyone who visits it.

Our history

The Hotel is located in the heart of Ciutadella, in a Menorcan family house from the 17th century.

In 1862, it is known that the La Sin Nombre pastry shop of the Sastre family, known as “Can Poldo” referring to Esteve Leopoldo Sastre, was already open. There were four generations of pastry masters, and a lot of dedication and effort from the brothers Joan and Josep, who maintained the pastry shop until 1987, and who for decades gave La Sin Nombre prestige in the art of good pastry making, with their "Pios" , “Braços de Gitano”, and “Tortades Russes”.

We have recovered a piece of the original history of the house where the Hotel is located, rescuing the candy-making machines from the year 1840, the original paper for wrapping cakes and nougats from the beginning of the century, as well as the utensils used to make the same sweets during the season. At the entrance of the Hotel we keep Juan and Josep Sastre's bicycle from 1940 and the old furniture from the original house from the beginning of the 19th century. At the reception, we have handcrafted and restored the old pastry display cabinet with its mirrors, showcases, the original candy jars and its unique pink color, a hallmark of La Sin Nombre.

Another of our best secrets is our breakfast room that we serve with great care, a marés stone vault typical of old houses in the historic center of Ciutadella. At breakfast you can find all kinds of fruit, some delicious house brand 'poached' eggs, omelettes to taste with 100% organic eggs and vegetables, since we have our own organic garden, as well as sweets made following old family recipes.

During the renovation works of the Hotel, a stone appeared with a handwriting, which reads "La Sin Nombre", Argentina, signed by the three brothers Juan, Jose and Maria Sastre Miret dated January 24, 1917. The father of these three brothers in his youth emigrated to Argentina and there he learned the job of pastry chef in a pastry shop called ¨La Sin Nombre¨ for this reason once he returned to Menorca he founded the pastry shop, giving it the same name. This stone is exposed at the main entrance of the Hotel.

We wanted to keep the finding in writing to remember in our present that family past that is part of the house, today the Hotel, and try to convey to our customers the art of caring for and serving with that sweet pastry and family flavor of yesteryear.

We intend to publicize the entrepreneurial spirit of Menorcan society that is part of its history, which is why we chose the Floris amenities created by a Menorcan in 1750, who later settled in London and today is a supplier to the British Royal House. As it shows that, in past generations, many Menorcans left the island for various reasons and finally, after much effort, returned home again in a better situation thanks to their good work, characteristic of our society.